Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just do it already

Being artistic, I always have a million and a half things on the go at one time, and often times things get pushed to the side and forgotten. Therefore, I have to finally get some things done that I have said I need to get done and such. this will more or less be a checklist of things that I need to start, or get done this week, and maybe it this actually works out as a planning method, I'll use it more in the future. I just feel like by writing something down the likelihood that I'll finish it is much higher. I'll try to keep it to all art related things.

1. Paint Jeremy's Painting (of an owl)

2. Start writing again. Start the story that I said I was going to start a long time ago. (Actually start it)

3. Stay on top of taking photos.

4. Play the guitar more and work on writing songs. 

5. Find a journal or mental substitute to spew the things which cannot be contained in my head. 

6. Clean my room because it makes me feel more organized and motivated to do things.

7. Do "Point and Shoot". I didn't do it this week, and I need to do it very soon.

8. Finish reading the bookclub book

9. Start reading Harry Potter. I haven't read the last book, but I have read all the others. I think its because I am in denial, and I really don't want the series to end, but I know I have to read it.

10. Work on creating guerilla art, which is something I've wanted to do for a really long time.

11. Silkscreen/make t-shirts 

12. Find out where the path leads near the Red Hill Valley Expressway because its something that I think about often and I never actually walked to the end the last time I walked it.

13. Walk to downtown Hamilton from where I live. I've always felt that the walk would be an experience, a random adventure that would be amazing to describe after the fact.

I know this is a lot to do in one week, or to start to do, but I think that if I can at the very least get half or a third of it done, I'll be for the most part happy. I will try to keep updated with the progress throughout the week, or at the end of the week. 

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