Saturday, July 18, 2009

Je partirai demain. (I will leave tomorrow)

I am going back to camp this summer. Only for a few sessions, but I am going back. The work is hard, but rewarding. You feel like you mean something to someone. Not going returning for the entire summer, only part of it, so I should be back to still do something this summer, still be creative and all of those things. I've done so much this summer, I cannot believe it.  

I am putting various things on hold with my friends and my own art projects, because I think its better to have a job even if you don't make a whole lot of money. Anyways, I'm off to enjoy the last night in town, and hopefully I will be able to update sooner rather than later.

Goodbye for now,


  1. you mean something to me :)

    have fun at camp i hope its a great time!

  2. you are gone?!
    for a while?
    can you no longer help me welcome my house?
    i thought it was just going to be you and i for a couple of days
    i will start trying to ask other people

    enjoy your stay