Monday, July 6, 2009

The extraordinary adventures of book bound girls

So today Sandra, Natasha and I got together for some bookswaps and a photoshoot. We decided that today would be a good day to start our club. I won't go into all the details because I believe that some things must remain secret, but we plan to meet regularly and discuss. 

Myself having an unhealthy obsession with photoshoots and a love of facepainting, decided that we should do something I had always wanted to do, and do a real photoshoot together. Real meaning facepaint and wearing random eclectic pieces of fabric and sheets and scarves that were grateful to be removed from their stuffy homes in cardboard boxes and closet shelves. I am really happy with the way that the photos turned out, and I would love to do more photoshoots. Just putting it out there for you, my 3+2 should you ever feel the desire to model and or act crazy for an afternoon.

Anyways, I haven't yet gone through all of the things we photographed today, but I'll post a few photos of the process of the shoot, and hopefully tomorrow I can put up my favourites, and maybe get some suggestions from the other girls of the ones they liked as well. 

Scarf to keep the hairs away

Getting paler. 

Sandra the master of painted liplines, hair and sheet dresses and much more.

Taking a break. Eating pizza with a knife and fork to save the facepaint. A truly dedicated model.

Pulling it all together:

More photos to coming soon. 

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