Friday, July 3, 2009

J'ai fini.

So it's been a slightly interesting and productive evening. I didn't do much but finish my quote jar with some records in the background. When I start something and get caught up in it, I have to  it. I literally have nothing new to post about because its all I've been doing. I actually started another one, a smaller one and I had to get that finished sooner. 

I love quotes, and some of them have stuck with me through this process. There have been 465 in the larger, and 214 in the smaller one. 679 in total, and I dare not even count the hours because I would feel embarrassed by the amount of time I have spent on this project. 

When I made up my first quote jars, I decided that there are 3 things that a person has to do with the jar in order for it to work properly. 

1. Read the quotes in moderation
Don't read them all at once, read one or two a day, because somedays people need more than one quote. Or read them every few days, because I think that you can't really let a quote stick with you if you read a hundred.

2. Don't put them back.
Don't put them back in the jar because you have to move forward, and you can still reread the quote, but you can't let it get in the way of the others who are waiting to be read.

3. Don't throw them out.
Part of not throwing them out is because it takes a lot of person power to make something like this for someone, and throwing them out just seems a little unfair. I encourage people to keep them, maybe make art out of them, or give them away, use them as bookmarks, leave them on bus seats. 

Anyways, after all the writing, here's the finished work. I didn't take a photo of the small jar because I literally finished it, and then the person who it was intended for came over within 20 minutes and it caught me off guard a bit. The large jar with 465 quotes.

Quotes in a pile.

Quotes spread out so you can see how many really fit in a jar like that. 

I'm glad I'm done, so now I can turn my focus to music and other projects that I would like to start.

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