Friday, December 18, 2009

It's a photo swap! Photos from Evelyn Part One

So I was in a photo swap and I received a roll of film awhile ago from my partner Evelyn. I waited for awhile to get the photos developed because my sister was also doing the swap at the same time and was waiting on her partner. Unfortunately when I was getting them developed, they got printed in Black and White! I still really love the photos, and I plan on posting them on the flickr page (and here) when I get chance to pick up the colour ones which might be in a few days.

I really love the vignetting, and I think that they came out really nice even in black and white. It makes me really excited to see the colour ones. My favourite of this bunch is the seagull and the dogs, but they're all amazing. More photos coming soon, and then coming in colour.


  1. awww :D they look great in black n white too! haha glad u liked them ^^ cant wait to see them in color also hehe

  2. these look wonderful!! So excited!