Thursday, December 24, 2009

Clean Room. Panoramic of the mess.

I recently cleaned my room. I decided that it would be fun to take some "before" and "after" pictures. So this is what my room looks like completely messy. My mother said that if I kept in clean for 6 months I could have a cat, so I decided that this time when I cleaned it I would get it nothing under the bed, shoved in the bookshelf clean.

I finally got my mannequin hung up on the wall, so its not in the way or forgotten.

Notice Evelyn's photos on my art cupboard.

Sorting through desk mess and papers.

This Make are, not war poster I've had under my bed for about two years.

So, in a cheesy diagram:


  1. aww im so glad u liked the photos :3
    looks great where u've put them too

  2. Yay! I found you :) Let me just say, i absolutely LOVED your present! Thank you!!!

  3. My favorite-Russian Blue-mine's named Velvet Dawn. If you always write back, then write me at (I do say "please")